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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Before commencing any project

Time should be taken to look carefully at the project we are about to produce and see what method will be used to complete it, what tools or machinery will be required, how the material will be held especially when the router is to be used, and Finally . 'Is the method I am going to use SAFE'?

(a) Solid timber or Medium Density Fibre (MDF) faced both sides, or left plain.
(b) The edge treatment
(c) The various edge or face mouldings will depend on (1) personal choice, and (2) the cutters available in your collection for use.
(d) The number of Template Guides available. (Assuming the template guide is to be used for the various stages)
(f) The process of holding the material.
(g) What Tools and machinery will be required?
(h) How the cutter is controlled when using a ‘Hand Held’ router?
(j) What Jigs and Templates are required?
The construction of simple jigs and the preparation of templates are very important to complete the project and introduce safety awareness.

It is necessary to set down in progression the processes, in the correct order to complete the project.

To complete this type of project with safety it will be necessary to construct a simple ‘Jig Holder’ .

Full details of starting any project are available on the CD-ROM 2

This is one of the projects illustrated on CD-ROM 3


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