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Monday, May 22, 2006

11 About the author

My interest in working with wood spans a period of more than fifty years; as a journeyman completing a trade in Carpentry and Joinery, to teaching in High Schools over a period of thirty years, finally establishing a Cabinet making business for fifteen years before retiring. Like most woodworkers in that time I was thrilled with the introduction of the router, and I suppose like most ‘Woodies’ in that period, the router was inserted under the bench to form a Router Table, unless we were producing dovetails, which required the router to be used in the ‘Hand Held’ position. It was whilst working in my cabinet making business that I developed the skill of ‘How to Get More from Your Router’. For years I have been seen at a number of State wood shows throughout Australia demonstrating the versatility of the router. I have also been engaged to conduct seminars and provide Professional Development to woodwork professionals and teachers.

To promote further advantages of the use of the router I established a ‘School of Routing’ in Western Australia conducting classes for both professionals and beginners. Over the past three years I have been instructing people with impaired vision to use the router, at the 'School for the Blind' here in Western Australia.

One of the accessories supplied with the router at the time of purchase was the Template Guide (Guide Bush). This guide has been placed in a corner and never really been investigated to consider it’s potential.(1) The main focus of this blogl is to make router users aware of the template guide’s versatility.

My experience in the development of the use of the template guides with the router will bring greater satisfaction to those who wish to learn new routing

To complete the many complex assignments with greater safety it has been necessary to investigate how the router could be used more effectively. My experience with the router will hopefully change the views of those who have been using a router for years, and introduce new routing projects that will bring pleasure to routing enthusiasts. The use of the template guides will introduce this greater safety awareness on how the router can be used. Some experts would use their router in the Below Bench mode(1) for 80% of the work, and only 10% in the ‘Plunge Mode’, with the other 10% used for Dovetailing, Lettering, Grooving, Rebating etc.

Many plunge routers have been inserted in the ‘Below Bench’ position and have seldom been used in the plunge mode. There is no doubt the user may consider that this is a much safer method of using the router, as there have been many article written on how the router should be used in the ‘Below Bench’ position.

Working with wood is to be enjoyed, as a trade, hobby, or as an interest in our retirement, and what better tool can bring greater satisfaction than the router. Take time to learn new skills associated with the use of the router. Study the material produced in this manual to make you aware of the alternative methods of constructing your projects with greater safety.

ople to thank:

My wife Ann to whom I dedicate this collection of material, for putting up with my other passion (the router) To the number of friends that have assisted me in my cabinet making business, and helped me to produce some of the Jig material available for your enjoyment. To two very dear friends Laurie and Eileen who have guided me along supporting me over the many ‘brainstorming’ sessions.
To my many supporters that have been very patient with me, who on many occasions, acting as readers, correcting and guiding me in the production, trying out the procedures, before they are published. They could be referred to as my human ‘Guinea Pigs’
The many ‘Students’: who attended my workshops, for their contribution, introducing their ideas and projects on what they would like to make. It has given me great pleasure in designing the jigs to complete the variety of projects of their choice. Some of the projects have been included in this publication to bring pleasure to others. Photograph shows the group who meet regularly, awaiting their coffee and preparing to design and discus the next project to be completed.

To try and get the message over on the use of the template guides I have produced CD-Rom 2 which is an introduction to the use of thr guides with a few routing projects to get you interested. This hac s been followed with the CD-ROM 3 which contains a number of projects. All the calculations have been worked out for you before you begin.
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